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Port of Raahe - Raahen Satama

Access and work in restricted areas is not allowed without an authorisation.


Access passes to Lapaluoto port area

Those who need a regular access to the area may apply for a long-term access pass from companies operating in the area or from the port office. If you require an access pass to Port of Raahe, you can acquire one by first completing safety training in the Moodle learning system.

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Access to the restricted area (fenced, marked with signs) is forbidden without an access pass. Third parties, people and vehicles alike, are required to have an ISPS access pass to access the area. Everyone in the restricted area must be prepared to prove their identity on request. 

Those entering the area must always register at the Lapaluoto Port supervisors from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. tel. +358 40 658 3254, at other times at SSAB Europe gate tel. +358 20 592 2336 prior to entering the area.

High-visibility clothing

Government regulation 633/2004 Government Decree on Occupational Safety in Loading and Unloading of Ships requires that CE-labelled high-visibility clothing is used when working or moving in the port cargo handling and traffic areas (high-visibility work clothing standard EN 471).

People not employed by us are required to have their name and information on their employer on their clothing.

Warning light

When driving inside the fenced restricted area, all vehicles must use a 360-degree flashing warning light (hazard warning indicators are accepted in exceptional cases).

Moving and working in the port area

Access to the operating area of machinery and cranes is forbidden. If access is nevertheless required, it is only allowed after the driver/operator has been contacted and the driver/operator has confirmed the visibility of the person entering in the area (by telephone or a minimum of an acknowledged hand sign).

Please use the transport routes agreed/instructed to ensure your safety and the safety of others! Parking is only allowed in designated areas!

Everyone working in the area must wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

We kindly request all parties concerned to take the aforementioned regulations into consideration and to ensure that information is disseminated to all cooperation partners and employees.

Bunkering of LNG / fueling liquefield natural gas

General instructions (PDF)