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Port of Raahe - Raahen Satama

Waste management instructions for Raahe Lapaluoto Port

Waste reception procedure

According to the Finnish legislation on ship-generated waste, a ship must dispose of all ship-generated waste and cargo residues, which fall into categories 1 to 5 listed below, in the reception facilities at the port. In addition, all ships must submit a notification to the arrival port on ship-generated waste and cargo residues in compliance with the template confirmed by the Finnish Maritime Administration normally 24 hours prior to arrival at the port.

The port does not have separate reception facilities for the following waste types:

Lapaluoto Port does not receive:

  • Ballast water of tankers

  • Washing water of tankers

  • Exhaust gas filtering waste

  • Waste generated from cargo in the IMDG/ADR/RID category

  • As regards to the aforementioned waste types, the ships must, through their agent, order reception services directly from a waste management company offering such services.


It is strictly forbidden to dispose of waste in the docks or the channels.

Baltic Sea Waste Info Port of Raahe 1.4.2021

Liquid oily wastes include waste oil from ships, bilge water and other oily liquids. The master, shipping company or agent agrees the time of emptying waste and other procedures directly with the service supplier.

  • Reception of oily liquids: Lassila&Tikanoja, tel. +35850 385 6776 (open 24 hrs a day)

Wastes containing hazardous liquid substances (hazardous waste) include, for example, paints, glues, detergents and cleansing agents as well as solvents. Solid hazardous waste include, among others, batteries, accumulators and fluorescent tubes. There is a container for hazardous solid waste at the port where such waste can be left.

Solid waste includes wood, cardboard, glass, metal and unsorted waste, which can be taken directly to the designated reception facilities. Hazardous waste must be separated from other solid waste.

If the ship disposes sewage, the master, shipping company or agent agrees the time of emptying and pumping procedures directly with the service supplier.

  • Reception of sewage: Lassila&Tikanoja, tel. +358 50 385 6776 (open 24 hours a day)

Category I catering waste is catering waste from ships arriving from outside the European Union which contains waste generated during the consumption or preparation of food. Such waste must be collected in a tight, closed container. A special container for category 1 catering waste only is delivered to the ship upon order.

The container for category I catering waste can be ordered from the ship services.

A currently valid waste management fee is charged from all ships visiting the Raahe Lapaluoto Port. The grounds for the waste management fee are presented with the port fee. The waste management fee is not charged of ships exempted by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. Any party breaching the waste management instructions is liable to compensate any extra costs generated to the port.

Ship waste management

  • Lassila&Tikanoja, tel. +358 50 385 6776 (open 24 hours a day)

Hazardous waste and substances, oily waters

  • Port office, tel. +358 8 227 7555.

The Port of Raahe waste management points

I = Mixed waste

II = Mixed waste and hazardous waste container

III = Mixed waste

Mixed waste Mixed waste
and hazardous waste
Mixed waste Mixed waste

Note! Ships arriving from outside the European Union and disposing catering waste must inform agents and the port thereof in advance. A catering waste container is delivered to the vicinity of the ship on the basis of the prior notification.