SSAB Raahe port and Port of Raahe / Lapaluoto port Corona-virus Covid-19 Instructions and new Agency Procedure

Raahe port requires Health declaration before arriving to the port due to the coronavirus

In addition to usual Port Regulations the port facilities of Raahe are informing following:
All persons (including crew members) coming to SSAB Raahe port area are requested to answer to following 3 questions in good time before arriving to SSAB Raahe factory area:
- have you been or visited in Corona-virus epidemic areas during the last 14 days?
- have you been in physical contact with a person who has visited in Corona-virus epidemic areas during the last 14 days?
- do you have fever, cough, shortness of breath?
In case of health risk the necessary measurements will be evaluated case by case.
Persons who haven’t replied to mentioned questions are not allowed to enter to port or SSAB area.
*Ship’s personnel should avoid leaving vessel and avoid any contact with shore personnel during
port stay.
*Crew changes should be avoided as much as possible. 
*Avoid inviting visitors etc. on board during port stay.
*Visiting doctor etc. should be avoided (excluded emergency cases). 
Please instruct your Raahe calling vessels and crew agencies and possible other attending parties accordingly.
Also please note this when planning vessels’ crew changes (which are highly suggested to avoid).
Please see attached the new agency procedure during the epidemic.

Agency procedure during the epidemic
Agency Department
SSAB Europe Oy, Raahe
As agents only
Ph. +358 20 5923890

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