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Minimum requirements for service suppliers

Port of Raahe Ltd grants authorisations to provide services at the port area in compliance with regulation (EU) 2017/352 of the European Parliament and of the Council. The following services, among others, are provided in the port area: waste management, mooring, unmooring, bunkering and towage. Service requests can be sent via email to port@raahe.fi.

Port of Raahe Ltd has set the following minimum requirements for those service suppliers and their subcontractors that wish to provide services in the area managed by Port of Raahe Ltd.

Port of Raahe Ltd authorises service suppliers on the basis of the notifications/applications of the companies. Notifications submitted to Port of Raahe Ltd must include information on how the company intends to organise its operations, and that it meets the following minimum requirements, as well as detailed requirements agreed upon separately. Documents showing that the company meets the following minimum requirements must be attached to the notification/application.


1. General requirements

  • The company must comply with laws and regulations, it must be registered in the Finnish trade register or other trade register in the EU area, in the prepayment register in compliance with the Finnish act on prepayment register, the register of employers, the VAT register in compliance with the Finnish Value Added Tax Act, and it must be able to prove that has no overdue social security or pension insurance payments or taxes. The company must join the tilaajavastuu.fi service or demonstrate that it is fulfilling its public obligations by means of quarterly certificates.
  • The company undertakes to provide services in the area managed by Port of Raahe Ltd in a reliable and non-discriminatory way to all vessels on the basis of demand. The company must be prepared to offer services 24/7. The service supplier charges the services directly from the shipping company or, if agreed upon separately, from Port of Raahe Ltd.
  • Every employee participating in the supply of services is required to have introduction to their work and they must comply with occupational health and safety instructions and other safety instructions applicable in the port area, in addition to which they are required to comply with the permits given by the authorities and that are valid at the port area as applicable. The number of personnel must be sufficient in terms of service level and occupational safety.
  • Services must be planned and supplied in such a way that they do not cause delays to the vessels using the service or other traffic in the port.
  • The equipment and personnel of the service supplier must be sufficient with regards to the service provided both in terms of the quality and number of employees, and they must be in compliance with regulations.
  • The service supplier must hold appropriate liability insurance to cover damages possibly caused to Port of Raahe Ltd or its clients.
  • The service supplier must report any damages to the quays or other damages occurring during its supply of services to Port of Raahe Ltd without delay. If clearly visible damage to a quay or other property is not reported and the party causing the damage cannot be found, the company providing the said service shall be liable for the damage.
  • The service supplier must inform Port of Raahe Ltd for all incidents and exceptional events it observes in the port area.
  • The service supplier’s personnel must have sufficient language skills in Finnish and English. At least one of the employees participating in the mooring or unmooring of a single vessel must have good English skills and permission from the authorities to operate a VHF radio.
  • The service supplier’s personnel must have sufficient first aid and first aid firefighting skills.
  • A mooring and unmooring service supplier must have one contact person who can be reached by means of a VHF radio and telephone 24/7.
  • The service supplier’s personnel must have an ID card approved by Port of Raahe Ltd in their possession when in the port area.
  • The service supplier must have vehicles for providing the service. Vehicles must be equipped with flashing lights and the company name and logo.
  • The service supplier’s personnel must have sufficient personal protective equipment, such as life vests, helmet, safety shoes and CE-labelled high-visibility outer garments.
  • The service supplier is liable for ensuring slip prevention required for the work at the quay edge/work area in the winter.
  • Half of the service supplier’s personnel must have completed deep-water self-rescue training.

2. Detailed requirements

  • Detailed requirements depending on the service provided shall be agreed upon when making the agreement. These requirements can include but not be limited to requirements concerning the technical requirements of vehicles, location of the base, amount of liability insurance and order response times.

3. Port of Raahe Ltd has the following currently valid service agreements:

  • Water supply to vessels, mooring and unmooring service, valid until further notice
  • Waste management agreement, valid until 30 September 2021

4. Appeal and termination of service supply

  • The service supplier may appeal against decisions made by Port of Raahe Ltd as ordained.
  • The service supplier undertakes to demonstrate, on request by Port of Raahe Ltd, that it meets the set minimum requirements. Port of Raahe Ltd may cancel its authorisation to supply services if the service supplier fails to remedy its operations to meet the set minimum requirements within four weeks of a written notification thereof by Port of Raahe Ltd.
  • Port of Raahe Ltd has the right to immediately stop the service supplier’s operations in the port area if the service supplier wilfully or seriously breaches the terms and conditions set in the minimum requirements or detailed requirements agreed upon separately.
  • The service supplier must inform Port of Raahe Ltd of the termination of service supply in the port area. The notice must be given a minimum of three (3) months prior to the termination of service supply.